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Refugees and Asylum seekers: Task

Recent resources relating to the asylum seeker issue in Australia. The Malaysian solution, mandatory detention and boat people. (Oct 2011)

Research Task

Year 12 Research Task – The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif

Working in groups you will have one lesson to thoroughly research one of the following areas using the Internet, books or other sources.


You will then be required to present the information in an interesting and informative manner. You may use the whiteboard, power point or any other method of presentation. The class will be relying on you for correct and accurate background information. They will be required to take notes. The material must be presented in your own words.


You are required to assess the class’s knowledge and understanding of the material you have presented through the use of any one of the following

-       multiple-choice quiz

-       question and answer

-       who wants to be a Millionaire-style game

-       written test

-       any other means of assessment negotiated with your teacher


You will be allocated one of the following topics:

1.     Taliban – History, beliefs and general information, Afghanistan general information

2.     Immigration stories – discuss real accounts of people migrating to Australia, including one story of ‘people smuggling’. Why do people migrate? Who migrates?

3.     White Australia Policy – Definition, How was it created? When did it end? How were different groups treated? Are these values still present in Australia?

4.     Current Immigration Policies – What are they? What happens when people arrive in Australia? Mandatory detention – details on what centres are like (location, policies and major events). The Malaysia Solution – details.

5.     Australian attitudes towards immigration – Media coverage, labelling, attitudes shown in the media (Pauline Hanson, Andrew Bolt, Today Tonight, Four Corners, ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’)