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Famous Scientists: Task

Resources for Year 7 students researching scientists, inventions and discoveries

Assignment and Rubric

Criteria D: reflecting on the impacts of science

D. Reflecting on the impact of science

This objective refers to enabling students to gain a global understanding of science. Reflecting on the impacts of science provides the opportunity to apply a variety of communication modes to demonstrate an understanding of science through evaluating the implications of scientific developments and their applications to a specific problem or issue.

Students are expected to become aware of the importance of documenting the work of others when communicating in science.

At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • explain the ways in which science is applied and used to address a specific problem or issue
  • discuss and evaluate the various implications of the use of science and its application in solving a specific problem or issue
  • apply communication modes effectively
  • document the work of others and sources of information used.

Sample Interview