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Infographics: Creation Tools

Resources to support the creation of Infographics. Creation tools and examples of great looking infographics plus data and information related to sustainability.


  • free
  • choose from 7 themes
  • drag and drop
  • icons and images
  • upload images, charts, data
  • edit an existing layout or theme
  • change colour schemes
  • manually enter data

  • is an online tool for creating interactive charts and graphs.
  • There are four basic chart types that you can create on; bar, pie, line, and matrix. will make an infographic for your business so it is not something we can create our own infographics with, however, you might like to explore some examples on their web site for inspiration.

  • free, register and logon
  • choose a theme
  • huge range of objects
  • change backgrounds, shapes, text and upload own images
  • save and share

How to use