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What's new in food and beverage?: Assignment

Resources to support students in their research of developing and updating food and beverage knowledge (SITHFAB011A)

What's new in food and beverage



SITHFAB011A Develop and update food and beverage knowledge

What’s New in Food and Beverage?



This unit deals with the skills required to develop and maintain the general product knowledge required by food and beverage attendants. It brings together much of the product knowledge that underpins effective work performance in a range of food service roles and relates to food knowledge and the relationships between different foods and beverages. The unit also focuses on the need for ongoing updating of knowledge by all food and beverage staff.     


TASK:  Choose a current article, television program or Internet site related to any sector of food and beverage. I don’t want to read recipes! Select an article about a type of food or beverage that you have little knowledge about. Complete the activities listed below.


When using the College intranet you may wish to go to Learning Commons.

A LibGuide has been prepared that contains sites and links to current news stories about Food and Beverage service and the hospitality industry. Follow the pathway to this guide:

  • Intranet
  • Learning Commons (link on left-hand sidebar)
  • Curriculum Resources
  • Technology
  • Assignment box will contain the link to the Food and Beverage News guide




  1. Identification of the article/internet site
  • What is the title of the article?
  • Who is the author/organization’s name
  • What is the date of the article/date the site was accessed?
  • Where did the article come from?                                                                                                             (3 marks)


2.    Explain what the main focus of the article/site is about.                                                                                      (3 marks)


3.    Who is the target audience for this article/site? i.e. who is it aimed at? the general public, industry personnel etc. Give reasons for your answer.                                                           (3 marks)


4.    What is the article/site telling you about current market trends for food and beverages?                                                  (3 marks)


5.    Discuss in detail how the article/site expanded your knowledge of food and beverage.                                                                                                                                               (3 marks)


6.    Is the information valid? i.e. is the information based on knowledge that is similar to what you have gained in class so far, is it based on one persons interpretation of food and beverage used or is it based on opinions from a range of experts? Justify your opinion using evidence.                                                                   (3 marks)


7.    What are your conclusions about the article?                                                                                                    

(2 marks)