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Natural disasters of the Asia Pacific Region: Task

Resources to support the Year 8 study natural disasters in the Asia Pacific Region.

Natural Disasters of the Asia Pacific Region - Theme Map

Natural Disasters of the Asia Pacific Region – Theme Map

Task: Create a theme map that shows the locations of two different Tectonic-based natural disasters in the Asia Pacific Region (don’t do Australia). You may choose a Volcano, Earthquake or Tsunami. Make sure you choose disasters that have occurred this century, since the year 2000.



·      Choose locations from different parts of the Asia Pacific map that you can ‘zoom’ in on. Mark your two locations on this map and colour in the countries so they stand out.

·      Trace enlarged maps of the areas of the natural disasters. Label countries/states in the zoom maps. Indicate any rivers, seas, oceans, significant cities or towns and any relevant geographical features.

·      Place your map of the Asia Pacific region in the middle of an A2 poster.

·      Place the ‘zoom’ maps of the enlarged countries in the oceans of the main map. Ensure that these zoom maps are parallel to the edges of your paper, and that they are slightly above, below or to the left or right of the location on the main map (so you clearly get the 3D effect).

·      Rule in your enlargement lines. There should be three solid lines to give a 3D effect.

·      Use fineliner and coloured pencil only. Fineliner should be used for the borders of countries and to add text to the map. Shade beautifully.

·      BOLTSS must be included on your map.

·      Include a bibliography on the back of your theme map. Make sure that you use ‘Citethisforme’ to reference the sources you used.


Note: Examples of theme maps can be found in learning areas on the intranet.


Research Checklist




A map of the Asia Pacific region (including BOLTSS)



Two tectonic-based natural disasters chosen from different countries in the region (not Australia)


A zoom map of each of the countries/regions with BOLTSS



An introduction about each of the countries/geographical regions where these disasters occurred


Research & information required about each disaster



Discuss the tectonic causes for your chosen disasters. Diagrams might be helpful in this section


Describe the specific event that you have chosen to investigate; when, how, timing etc.


What impacts did this disaster have on; local communities (during and after the disaster), the landscape (at the time of the disaster and the environmental legacy left behind for future generations)


How did the community deal with the disaster; socially? economically?


Did other communities (both local, national & international) step in and assist? In what ways did Aide organisations assist?


Can you suggest any other ways that may help/avoid/lessen the impacts of the disaster in such a situation in the future?


Bibliography – include a range of resources to conduct your research. Make sure that you use . Use the library portal for more information on setting out bibliographies.