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Ancient China : Task

Resources to support the study of Ancient China in perspective for Year 7 students

Presenting ancient China, in perspective


Area of Interaction

Human Ingenuity

Significant Concept

Events and ideas from the past continue to have significance in the modern world

Essential Question

How has the past shaped the modern world and how does it continue to do so?



Research and create a detailed presentation about one of the following aspects of ancient Chinese culture.

Generate your own questions before you begin researching, about the Who, What, Where, When, How and Why of the topic.



·       Religion & Faith

·       Crime and Punishment

·       Food & Feasts

·       Role of Women

·       Architecture*

·       Commerce and Trade

·       Medicine

·       Clothing

·       Entertainment

·       Farming & Agriculture

·       War Tactics and Machines

·       Home life

·       Marriage & Family structure

·       Chinese Zodiac



Presentation format:      Slideshow video E.g. “Educreations” or “Show Me”

Presentation time:           3 to 5 minutes


Your presentation needs to include:

o  A description of your topic in Ancient China. Consider the gentry, peasants, artisans/craftsmen and merchants in your research.

o   (Assessment Criterion: Knowledge and Understanding)


o  An explanation of how your topic affects life in Ancient China. Ancient Chinese culture may have affected people of different classes in different ways.

o   (Assessment Criterion: Knowledge and Understanding)


o  At least one primary source and one secondary source.

For both sources, you need to answer:

o   What sort of evidence is this (a primary or secondary source)?

o   Has it been changed (damaged, repainted, restored)?

o   Does it reflect any obvious personal opinions or attitudes?

o   Is the evidence enough to form a point of view? What else might you need to know?

o   Who made it or prepared it and why might this be relevant to us today ?

o   How trustworthy is this evidence as a source or fact?

o   (Assessment Criterion: Skills)


o  Research and compare how your topic has now influenced modern China

o   (Assessment Criterion: Concepts)


o  Bibliography (at least three sources)

o   (Assessment Criterion: Organisation and Presentation)




o  After each period of working on the assignment, record what you and your partner have achieved, and what you intend to do the next time you meet. This reflection should be a realistic reflection that identifies your strengths and areas for individual improvement








































Ancient China Presentation Record Sheet




New knowledge and understanding gained

(Include at least four for each presentation