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The Sapphires: Research Task

Resources for the Year 9 English study of The Sapphires movie - Australia in the 1960s.

The Sapphires: putting the film in context

Year 9 English

The Sapphires

Putting the film in Context


Four topics that will give us a better understanding of the film

  • Life in 1960’s Australia
  • Vietnam War and the effects on Australia
  • Stolen Generation
  • Yorta Yorta Peoples

Workings in allocated groups you will all be responsible for teaching the rest of the class about one of these topics. You will then be required to present the information in an interesting and informative manner. You may choose to present a video clip in support of your material. You may use the whiteboard, key note, poster or any other method of presentation. The class will be relying on you for correct and accurate background information. They will be required to take notes. The material must be presented in your own words.

You are also required to assess the class’s knowledge and understanding of the material you have presented through the use of any one of the following. These will need to be of a challenging nature.

  • multiple-choice quiz
  • crossword
  • who wants to be a Millionaire-style game
  • written test

-any other means of assessment negotiated with your teacher

You should:

  • Find facts about your topic. Dates, events and individuals involved
  • Develop at least three research questions in relation to the topic. 
  • Continue to research your specific topic and try to find answers to your questions
  • You should include words, images, quotes and any other media in your presentation.
  • Keep a record of your resources in a properly formatted bibliography.
  • You may ask your teacher for hints and clues along the way.