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VCE: Extended Investigation: Self Management

Resources to support the VCE study; Extended Investigation

Time Management


Keeping a working journal is one way of proving that your work is authentic.

The onus is on the student to prove it is their work, not the teacher!

Organising your information

Active vs. Passive reading

Characteristics of reading passively include:

  • rushing through reading just to get it done
  • forgetting the material immediately after reading
  • falling asleep while reading
  • texting, emailing or watching TV while reading
  • overzealous highlighting of a text

Characteristics of reading actively include:

  • asking questions to uncover the purpose and meaning of the text
  • frequently noting the main points in your own words
  • reflecting on the relationship between the readings and your topic
  • making connections between the readings and themes discussed in class



Customising Google Scholar

If you have a membership to the State Library, you can customise Google Scholar so that when you search for research papers it will tell you which ones are at the State Library of Victoria.

  1. Login to your gmail account
  2. Up the top of the page there will be a Settings link, click on it
  3. Then choose Library Links
  4. Type in State Library of Victoria (or any other academic library that you are a part of).
  5. When you do a search in Google Scholar it will show you which articles are available to you via your Library Memberships. You can easily just click and view.