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Year 10 IDU Genetics: Marketing Pitch

IDU covering eugenics, gene manipulation and bioethics.

What is a Marketing Pitch?

A marketing pitch is essentially a sales pitch of an idea or product. The Pitch aims to pursuade the audience to accept, purchase or support the cause or product that it is focusing on.


  • The use of emotive language
  • The pitch will present some reasons (normally three) for the audience to support the idea or product. 
  • Facts can be manipulated by perception to support the contention of the pitch.
  • Essentially this is an activity in persuasion.



Using a Message Map thinking tool to create your pitch. Start by identifying three aspects that your product will encompass. How is your product efficient  (time, cost, effort) or effective (quality, relevancy, timelines, completeness). Then identify three positives that might influence someone to support or buy your product. 

Creating a pitch is all about persuading someone to purchase your product or believing in your cause. The Science of Persuasion looks indepth at how to persuade people to do what you want them to do.

An example of Gruen: The Pitch, where advertising companies try to convince us to support a topic that we would normally reject.

Step 1: Know your audience

If you are pitching your advertisement to a group of elderly people, then the content will be different from pitching to a group of teenagers. Who it is you are communicating to will dictate the type of font, images and music you can use in your pitch. Consider the different types of people who might benefit from your product. Your pitch should aim to provide solutions to problems in a positive way.

Step 2: Share the excitement

The role of the pitch is to sell the idea, you need to show your excitement and enthusiasm for what it is you are "pitching". You need to show through voice and body language your excitement and enthusiasm for your ideas. If not your audience will get bored and lose interest.

Step 3: Practice, Practice, Practice

The objective of a pitch is to convince someone of your ideas, product or approach. Your presentation needs to be polished and you need to make it look easy. For most students, standing up in front of a group of people is nerve-racking. Even if you are introducing a video or poster you need to practice your pitch. "A good rule of thumb: If you haven’t said it 10 times in front of the mirror yet, then you’re not even close to being rehearsed" (source).