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Drama: Solo Structures: Lady Lucy Duff Gordon

To support Year 12 Drama

Who is Lady Lucy Duff Gordon?

Lucy Christiana, Lady Duff-Gordon (née Sutherland) (13 June 1863 – 20 April 1935) was a leading British fashion designer in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who worked under the professional name of "Lucile". [source]

Performance Focus

Create a solo performance based on the person Lady Lucy Duff Gordon.

Flustered by having to take a bus to a fashionable London cocktail party, Lady Lucy, dressed in a ‘Gown of Emotion’, is accosted by a journalist eager to ‘get the dirt’ on her latest bankruptcy hearing. Bored that scandals are all people are interested in, she tries to charm the journalist into writing something flattering. She does this by:

  • recreating moments from her life that demonstrate how she became a fashion revolutionary
  • creating three or more examples that show how bad luck has affected her life
  • comparing her experiences with another person, real or fictional, who has been judged unfairly by an unforgiving public.

Reference Material

Performance Style



Caricature is an exaggeration of a character that is often ludicrous or grotesque. It can be comic, at times derogatory, with the intention to ridicule.

Dramatic Effect

Conflict generally occurs when a character cannot achieve an objective due to an obstacle. This obstacle may be internal or external – between characters or between characters and their environment. Con ict can be shown in a variety of ways, for example through physical, verbal or psychological means. Conflict can be embedded in the structure of the drama.