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Drama: Solo Structures: Mr Sneelock

To support Year 12 Drama

Who is Mr Sneelock?

Mr. Sneelock is a man who owns a ramshackle store in front of a empty lot where little Morris McGurk plans to build a circus. In Morris's imagination he would be of assistance to the circus by helping.


He is a character from the book If I Ran the Circus.



The children's book "If I Ran the Circus", by Dr Seuss.

Performance Focus


Create a solo performance based on the character Mr Sneelock.

After the closing of Circus McGurkus, Mr Sneelock meets with an unimpressed PT Barnum to convince him to hire Mr Sneelock as the ringmaster for the Barnum & Bailey Circus. During the job interview, a fearless Mr Sneelock demonstrates his circus skills.

He does this by:

  • recreating three or more key moments of what he did when he worked for Circus McGurkus
  • creating an example(s) of the impact he could have on two of Barnum’s existing acts or exhibitions
  • creating three or more moments that explore how circuses have changed since the time of the Roman Empire.

Performance Style

Non-naturalistic with aspects of Circus.


Exaggerated movement includes action that is overstated or drawn larger than life; often for the purpose of ridicule.

Dramatic Event

Space involves the way an actor(s) uses the performance area to communicate meaning, to define settings, to represent status and to create actor–audience relationships. This may be achieved through the use of levels, proximity and depth. The use of space may be symbolic.