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Drama: Solo Structures: Elisabeth Hauptmann

To support Year 12 Drama

Who is Elisabeth Hauptmann?

Elisabeth Hauptmann was a German writer who worked with fellow German playwright and director Bertolt Brecht. She got to know Brecht in 1922, the same year she came to Berlin. [source]


The life and the times of Elisabeth Hauptmann.

Performance Focus

Create a solo performance based on the person Elisabeth Hauptmann.

After the death of Bertolt Brecht in 1956, a frustrated Elisabeth Hauptmann confronts his widow, Helene Weigel, in a rehearsal room at the Berliner Ensemble. Elisabeth Hauptmann demands both royalties and acknowledgment for her work as the true playwright of ‘The Threepenny Opera’.

She does this by:

  • recreating key moments from her working life with Bertolt Brecht
  • creating an example(s) of the challenges she and other German artists faced after Hitler rose to power
  • creating highlights from her new, as yet unseen, Epic Theatre production about women who will achieve recognition and success in the arts.

Performance Style

Non-naturalistic with aspects of Physical Theatre.


Caricature is an exaggeration of a character that is often ludicrous or grotesque. It can be comic, at times derogatory, with the intention to ridicule.

Dramatic Event

Contrast presents the dissimilar or the opposite in order to highlight or to emphasise difference. Contrast can be explored in many ways, and can include contrasting characters, settings, times, themes, elements, stagecraft and performance styles.