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Drama: Solo Structures: The Show Dog

To support Year 12 Drama

Performance Focus

Create a solo performance based on the character of one of the five main show dogs, as seen in Best in Show. Unaware of Australia’s strict quarantine and visa laws, the Show Dog, who is set to make a guest appearance at the 2017 Royal Melbourne Dog Show, finds himself/herself in detention at Melbourne Airport. Keen to fulfil his/her obligations, the resourceful Show Dog pleads with customs of cials for his/her release.

He/she does this by:

  • recreating moments that depict the preparation and training that he/she and some of the other dogs and/or their owners undergo in order to compete at the US Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show
  • creating three or more examples of his/her behaviour that might be considered appealing or unappealing to humans
  • creating three or more examples of the range of occupations and activities that various breeds of dogs have been involved with throughout history.

Performance Style

Non-naturalistic with aspects of physical theatre


Caricature is an exaggeration of a character that is often ludicrous or grotesque. It can be comic, at times derogatory, with the intention to ridicule.

Dramatic Event

Contrast presents the dissimilar or the opposite in order to highlight or to emphasise difference. Contrast can be explored in many ways, and can include contrasting characters, settings, times, themes, elements, stagecraft and performance styles.