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Drama: Solo Structures: Non-Naturalistic

To support Year 12 Drama

What is Non-naturalistic performance style?

Non-Naturalistic Performance Style

Non-naturalism is a broad term for all performance styles that are not dependent on a life-like representation of everyday life. It is based on the work of Antonin Artaud (Theatre of Cruelty), Bertolt Brecht (Epic Theatre) and Jerzy Grotowski (Poor Theatre).

Non-naturalism can allow an actor to explore and present ideas or stories conceptually. Non-naturalism does not seek to recreate life as it is lived, but is focused more on passing comment on, or responding to, aspects of the real world. Non-naturalistic performance can occur in any space and is not dependent on specific resources. Non-naturalistic performance work might include the manipulation of both naturalistic and non-naturalistic conventions.

A non-naturalistic performance may be defined by the non-naturalistic:

  • use of stagecraft
  • acting style of the performers
  • use of dramatic elements
  • use of conventions, including transformation of character and/or time and/or place and/or object.

Examples of Non-naturalistic