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Classroom Displays

With everything online, we could argue that classroom displays are a thing of the past. However the learning environment within your classroom will emote the culture and vibe of the subject that you are teaching.

  • If there is a celebratory display of student work, will it encourage students to show more pride in their work?
  • When students are bored and distracted, should there be something interesting on the walls for them to gaze at?



This poster was designed to be used as part of the knowledge week celebrations. Printed onto A3 and laminated and it can be used as part of a lesson displayed on the classroom wall.

An example of a sign generator, you plug in the details and it will create an object with lettering on it for you. A lot simpler than fiddling with photoshop.


The idea of a bunting is to draw the person's eye into your classroom or stall. The easiest thing to make from paper, a hole punch and some bakers twine. Or you can get creative using little pegs, ribbon and fabric. 

Poster ideas