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Mater Christi Learning Commons: Communication

Resources, research support and skill development

How can students communicate through interaction?

Exchanging thoughts, messages and information effectively through interaction:

  • Give and receive meaningful feedback
  • Use intercultural understanding to interpret communication
  • Use a variety of speaking techniques to communicate with a variety of audiences
  • Use appropriate forms of writing for different purposes and audiences
  • Use a variety of media to communicate with a range of audiences
  • Interpret and use effectively modes of nonverbal communication
  • Negotiate ideas and knowledge with peers and teachers
  • Participate in, and contribute to, digital social media networks
  • Collaborate with peers and experts using a variety of digital environments and media
  • Share ideas with multiple audiences using a variety of digital environments and media
MYP Skill Cluster – I. Communication Skills

How can students demonstrate communication through language?

Reading, writing and using language to gather and communicate information

  • Read critically and for comprehension
  • Read a variety of sources for information and for pleasure 
  • Make inferences and draw conclusions
  • Use and interpret a range of discipline-specific terms and symbols
  • Write for different purposes
  • Understand and use mathematical notation
  • Paraphrase accurately and concisely
  • Preview and skim text to build understanding
  • Take effective notes in class
  • Make effective summary notes for studying
  • Use a variety of organizers for academic writing tasks
  • Find information for disciplinary and interdisciplinary inquiries, using a variety of media
  • Organize and depict information logically
  • Structure information in summaries, essays and reports

Communicating Clearly


Great things communicators do


Summary Notes

Summary notes can be used as both a study tool and a revision tool when leading up to tests or exams.

Preview and Skim Texts