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Mater Christi Learning Commons: Self Management

Resources, research support and skill development

What is self management?

Self management is all about being organised, being affective and giving yourself to reflect and improve upon the systems that you have put in place to self manage yourself.​

Being Organised

The art of being organised is ability to manage time and tasks. 

  • Do you have a diary (electronic or manual) that works for you?
  • Do you break down large tasks into manageable chunks?
  • Do you have a homework or revision timetable?

Being an affective learner

Affective skills is all about managing your state of mind, which is further broken down into the following sub-sets of skills: -

  • Mindfulness, being in the moment.
  • Perseverance, getting the job done
  • Emotional Management
  • Self Motivation, managing your time independently.
  • Resilience, bouncing back.

Reflecting on your learning

Reflection – re-considering what has been learnt and how it has been learnt, choosing, using and evaluating ATL skills

Guided Meditation

Psychology of Self Motivation