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Middle Ages: Artefacts

This guide provides information about life in the middle ages.

Illuminated manuscripts



Using the Design Cycle

1. Decide what topic you are going to research

2. What artefact would best represent your chosen topic of research. E.G. Daily life may be best represented by a castle or a table full of medieval foods, or a model of a game they played

3. Decide on the presentation. Would it be best made as a model, drawing or multimedia presentation?

4.Construct a logical plan about how you will go about making it. What will it look like when you've finished it?

5. Follow the plan - revising as you go 

6. Evaluate the success of the artefact you make - gain feedback

MYP Design Cycle

Making an illuminated manuscript

Didactic Panels


The medieval calendar

Castle Building

Black Death


Village Life