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Personal Project 2016/17: Report

Personal Project 2016/17

Layout of the report

  • Use the information you recorded in your Process Journal to write your report
  • The report must be broken into 4 identifiable sections:
    • Investigating
    • Planning
    • Taking Action and
    • Reflection
  • These sections will become your 4 main headings
  • Under each heading divide your report further into the sub-sections as seen in the four criteria boxes below
  • For example:
    • Investigating
      • Goal and Global Context
      • Prior Learning
      • Research skills
  • Make sure you provide a copy of your draft report to your supervisor to read and give feedback to you at least two weeks before it is due.

Order of the report

1. Cover sheet - includes name, project title, length, school name, year and word count
2. Academic Honesty Form - completed and signed by you and your supervisor 
3. Contents page - all pages are to be numbered

4. Body of the report - arranged in sections and sub-sections

5. Appendices - identified by a letter or number e.g. Appendix 1. Arrange the appendices according to the order in which you refer to the appendices in the report. Anything you include as an appendix must be referred to in the body of your report. You may refer to the appendices as often as you like. (consult Learning Commons staff for assistance) Include evidence of your final product or outcome so that others who may not have access to it can understand what form it took. The evidence could be images, screenshots or other appropriate ways to showcase your work.

6. Bibliography - use Cite This For Me and use the Harvard style (consult Learning Commons staff for assistance)

Criterion A - Investigating

Criterion B: Planning

Criterion C: Taking Action

Criterion D: Reflecting

Types of reports

You may choose to submit a report in the following ways. Choose which best suits you.

  • Written report: 1,500 - 3,500 words
  • Electronic: (website, blog, sideshow) 1,500 - 3,500 words
  • Oral: (podcast, radio broadcast, recorded) 13-15 minutes
  • Visual: (film) 13-15 minutes

Elements of the report

When submitting the report for assessment, students must include:

  • the personal project coversheet (link below)
  • the completed academic honesty form (link below)
  • process journal extracts (maximum of 10)
  • any supporting visual aids used during the presentation, if applicable
  • bibliography (Harvard style)

Material contained in this LibGuide has been sourced from the OCC (Online Curriculum Centre IBO)MYP Projects Guide 2016 and Yokohama International School Personal Project guide.