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Personal Project 2016/17: Supervisors

Personal Project 2016/17

Supoort material

Proposal Form

The role of the supervisor

The supervisors' responsibilities are to:

  • ensure the chosen MYP project topic satisfies appropriate legal and ethical standards with regard to health and safety, confidentiality, human rights, animal welfare and environmental issues
  • provide guidance to students in the process and completion of the project
  • confirm the authenticity of the work submitted
  • assess the MYP project using the criteria in the guide
  • provide personal project grades to the MYP coordinator to enter in IBIS (from 2016)
  • participate in the standardization of assessment process established by the school

Mater Christi College requirements:

  • meet on a fortnightly basis with the student at a mutually convenient time
  • maintain a record of discussions with students to authenticate their work and to facilitate hand over to another supervisor if necessary
  • activate Progress Notification process if necessary 

Students should receive from their supervisor:

  • guidelines about the MYP project
  • a timetable with deadlines
  • the assessment criteria for the project
  • advice on how to keep and use a process journal
  • the importance of personal analysis and reflection
  • formative feedback
  • requirements for academic honesty 

Report requirements

How to choose a topic