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Personal Project 2017/18: Communication and Social skills

Show evidence

  • show evidence of your social and communication skills in the Taking Action section of your report
  • select parts of your process journal that demonstrate these skills, such as how you responded to feedback, how you communicated with others and how you interacted with people, to add as appendices to your report. 
  • Refer to these appendices when you discuss your social and communication skills.

Communication Skills

Exchanging thoughts, messages and information effectively through interaction

Reading, writing and using language to gather and communicate information

  • Excellent ability to communicate with a wide range of people in an appropriate manner.

  • Excellent  ability to express themselves fully and fluently with a range of media including written, oral, and visual communication.

  • Uses intercultural understanding to interpret communication

  • Gives and receives meaningful feedback

  • Uses discipline and/or text specific forms of expression for different purposes and audiences.

  • Uses appropriate forms of writing for different purposes and audiences

  • Uses a variety of media to communicate with a range of people

  • Working effectively with supervisor

  • Read critically and for comprehension

  • Read a variety of sources for information

  • Make inferences and draw conclusions

  • Paraphrase accurately and concisely

  • Make effective summary notes for studying

  • Preview and skim texts to build understanding

  • Structure information in summaries, essays and reports

  • Excellent ability to explain the purpose of their project and articulate their learning.


Social Skills

Working effectively with others

  • Taking full responsibility for one’s actions

  • Practice empathy for others

  • Delegate and share responsibility for decision-making

  • Help others to succeed

  • Take responsibility for one’s own actions

  • Manage and resolve conflict and work collaboratively in teams

  • Build consensus

  • Make fair and equitable decisions

  • Listen actively to other perspectives and ideas

  • Negotiate effectively

  • Encourage others to contribute

  • Exercise leadership and take on a variety of roles within groups

  • Give and receive meaningful feedback

  • Advocate for one’s own rights and needs

ATL skills PDF

Demonstrate excellent communication and social skills (7-8)


Material contained in this LibGuide has been sourced from the OCC (Online Curriculum Centre IBO)MYP Projects Guide 2016 and Yokohama International School Personal Project guide.