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Personal Project 2017/18: Thinking skills

Show evidence

  • show evidence of your thinking skills in the Taking Action section of your report
  • select parts of your process journal that demonstrate your thinking skills, such as brainstorms, mind maps, evidence of critical thinking, to add as appendices to your report. 
  • Refer to these appendices when you discuss your thinking skills.

Thinking skills




  • Gather and organize relevant information to formulate an argument

  • The student clearly outlines how specific information (quoted/detailed) led them to make specific decisions that altered their thinking or goal

  • Interpret data

  • Evaluate evidence and arguments

  • Draw reasonable conclusions and generalizations

  • Revise understanding based on new information and evidence

  • Formulate factual, topical, conceptual and debatable questions

  • Propose and evaluate a variety of solutions

  • Identify obstacles and challenges

  • Use brainstorming and visual diagrams to generate new ideas and inquiries

  • Consider multiple alternatives, including those that might be unlikely or impossible

  • (Design improvements to existing machines, media and technologies)

  • (Create original works and ideas; use existing works and ideas in new ways)

  • Provide detailed examples of how transfer and application of information during the taking action stage to achieve your stated goal

  • Apply skills and knowledge in unfamiliar situations

  • Combine knowledge, understanding and skills to create products or solutions

ATL skills PDF

Demonstrate excellent thinking skills (7-8)



Material contained in this LibGuide has been sourced from the OCC (Online Curriculum Centre IBO)MYP Projects Guide 2016 and Yokohama International School Personal Project guide.