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Resources to support the Year 9 Discover program


In addition to core studies, students will complete five DISCOVER experiences during the year.

Time will also be set aside at the start of the year for orientation, and at the end of the year for reviewing, reflecting and preparing to showcase learning to parents and the wider community.

DISCOVER strives to be contemporary, innovative, exciting, engaging, creative; unique but still connecting students with the college community; build connections with the local community and engage students in considering national and global issues; provide interdisciplinary and structured subject development.


We want Year 9 Mater Christi girls to be ...

  • thoroughly prepared for Senior School studies;
  • connected, confident and resilient learners;
  • excited by and engaged in rich learning;
  • developing transferable learning skills (communication, collaboration, self-management, research, thinking)

DISCOVER will ....

  • break down the boundaries between subjects;
  • promote inquiry-based learning;
  • challenge to all students;
  • deliberately focus on transferable learning skills;
  • encourage creative, entrepreneurial thinking and action;
  • explore ideas locally, nationally and globally;
  • connect with learning in core subjects.