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Alfred Hitchcock and the Gothic Genre: Film Techniques

Year 10 English

Film Terms and Techniques

Use specific examples from the film to describe how the following elements were used.

1. Camera work. How did Hitchcock use camera angles, framing, and camera movement to build suspense in this film?

2. Plot conventions. How was the plot structured? What point was the most suspenseful? Was there a knowledge gap? Use of dramatic irony? (Who knows more, the audience or the characters? Is the audience aware of danger that the character is not?)

3. Characterization. With which character do we most identify? Does that change during the course of the film? Does our perspective change on any of the main characters? Does it have an effect on the level of suspense?

4. Editing. Does the pace of cuts vary during the film? Is there a connection between style and pace of editing and the level of suspense? What about montage- isolated shots shown in sequence. Were there any notable montages, and did they add to the suspense?

5. Sound design. How does it contribute to the creation of suspense?

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