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Personal Project: Major Milestones

Guidance for completing the MYP Personal Project

Set your own timeline

As an independent learning inquiry, the student has the freedom to set her own timeline providing all milestones are achieved on or before the published dates.

Students who find the 9-month time frame too long can submit the project before August 8, 2019. The submission dates for major milestone pieces must be negotiated with the mentor.

The student should spend a minimum of 25 hours working on the project. 

Assessment will take place on August 8, 2019.



Major Milestones

November 2018

Project launch

21 February 2019

First meeting with Mentor

 21 March 2019

Goal, global context and product decided

Planning Form due (online form: see Planning Form tab on Getting Started Page)

Record meeting on Academic Honesty form

 2 May 2019

Research complete

16 May 2019

Product criteria due (Mentor to provide feedback)

Record meeting on Academic Honesty form

25 July 2019

Product due

Record meeting on Academic Honesty form

25 July 2019

Draft report due (Mentor to provide feedback)

8 August 2019

Personal Project due (report & process journal)

Student and Mentor to sign and authenticate Academic Honesty statement

PDF copy emailed to co-ordinator