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Scientific Poster: Overview

A Libguide to support the production of a scientific poster.


What is a scientific poster?

A scientific poster is a communication tool which combines a verbal presentation with a visual aid.

They are given to a small group of people, are limited in time and range of view, and are informal and interactive.

Posters should look as professional as your professional research.




An example of the layout of a scientific poster [source]

Example of a Scientific poster [source]

A Powerpoint template with test data in it [source[

Step 1: Establish Inquiry Question

Have you been given an inquiry question or topic? Your poster should be exploring a hypothesis. What does your research aim to show?

Step 2: Investigate Topic

Researching a topic is more than copying and pasting information from the internet. What does your research hope to show? Structure your research with a scaffold to guide your investigations.

Step 3: Results and Findings

Consider including a chart to show your results and findings. Make sure that your scientific poster clearly shows this information in a visual way.

Step 4: Conclusion

Some scientific posters have their conclusion at the start of their poster. Ask your teacher where they would like the conclusion to your research task.

Step 5: Prepare Poster

Does your teacher require a paper or electronic Scientific poster?

Step 6: Draft your work

It is important to proof read your work and get a critical friend to proof it as well.

Step 7: Submit your work