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Year 9 Science: A Nuclear Proposal: ATL Skill: Self-Management

Resources to support the Year 9 study of nuclear power

SMART goals

  • Specific
    Students need to clarify the who, what, when, and where of their goal. Have a discussion about using words that are specific vs. those that are ambiguous, or subject to interpretation.
  • Measurable
    Students need to be able to know when they have reached their goal or if they are making progress toward it. Have a discussion about quantitative vs. qualitative measurement.
  • Attainable/Actionable
    Students need to be realistic about what they can achieve this school year with the time and resources they have available. While "going to college" is a worthy goal, this is far into the future for most students. Work with students to help them understand that goals must also be things students can take action on now.
  • Relevant
    Students should be able to explain the personal and academic benefits. Talk with them about qualities that make a goal worthwhile.
  • Timely
    Students need to be able to achieve the goal by the end of the school year. As students are writing have them share their goals with a single peer to help them see if a single school year is a deadline that makes sense for this goal.

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