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Dedicated teachers are available to meet at lunchtime and will help with your maths homework and those rough equations. Ask them about Fibonacci spirals for some party trivia!

The wonderful Ms. Simpson meets with all aspiring writers in the luxurious and private meeting space during lunch to discuss literature and the art of creative writing.


If you find yourself somewhere between Year 7 and Year 9 and you're a big fan of Milo, come on down to the Learning Commons after school to do your homework. With a different teacher to help every week and a biscuit to keep you going, you'll power through the week's homework in no time! Homework Club runs from 3.20pm until 4.20pm.


Has your project caused disruption to your Identity and Relationships? Are you confused about your Orientation in Time and Space? Mrs. Cain is an expert in Fairness and Development and would love to help you find your way through your Personal Project at lunch!


Ms. Lawson invites you to get your craft on at lunch with a new and surprising activity every week in Makerspace. From Shrinky Dinky jewellery to 3D printed puzzles, if you can imagine it then you can create it.


Every Friday you have a chance to destroy your friendships with Monopoly, unwind with an intense chess battle, and cripple your opponent with a round of Line Up Four. It just depends what you'll have time for at lunchtime in the Learning Commons.

New to Friday is the Book Buzz! Our Reading Hour was so popular with some of you that we're starting up a book club! You can gather 'round the (figurative) fire with Mrs. Cain and talk about what you've read lately and recommend your favourite books to other avid readers.

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