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Book Reviews: Overview

How to write an effective book review


What is a Book Review?

Book reviews can contain just about any type of information related to the text, to the reader, or to the world of books and readers in general. Here are some typical things book reviews include:

An interesting lead. Reviewers will often start out their reviews with some kind of catchy phrase that glosses something interesting from the book.

A brief plot summary. Reviewers don’t retell the story. They just give you a quick summary of the plot, rarely more than a paragraph or two.

The reviewer’s favorite part. Assuming the book was enjoyable to the reviewer, it’s always fun to talk about one’s favorite part and what makes it special.

The reviewer’s interpretation of the main idea. This is the one most important thing the writer wants the reader to know. Most reviewers will address this directly because it is often the key to understanding what the book is really all about.

An evaluation. In most book reviews, reviewers will come right out and say whether they think the books is good or not, or what parts were better than others.

A recommendation. Since one of the purposes of writing book reviews is to get other readers to read certain books, book reviewers often end their reviews with a recommendation.

Writing a Killer Book Review

Critical Book Review

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