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Ancient China: ATL Skill: Thinking

Resources to support the Year 7 exploration of Ancient China

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Thinking Skills

ATL Visual MYP (2021). ATL Visual MYP.pdf. [online] Google Docs. Available at: [Accessed 21 Feb. 2021].

Critical Thinking Exercises: Define the problem

Critical thinking in problem-solving means knowing exactly what it is you are trying to solve, and that means clearly defining the problem. Begin this exercise by pinpointing a problem and then asking these kinds of crucial questions.

  •  What are the details of the challenge we face?
  •  What do we want to overcome specifically?
  •  What do we know about this problem?
  •  Why is it important to address?
  •  Is this a time-sensitive problem?
  •  How does it affect me, the community, or the world?
  •  Where do we begin?

[Source] Wabisabi Learning

Fact vs Opinon

A fact can be proven either true or false. An opinion is an expression of feeling or point-of-view and cannot be proven true or false.

  •  How can this statement be proven beyond a doubt?
  •  Does the statement have a bias?
  •  Is the statement based on verified information or assumption? How can we tell?
  •  Does the statement make use of descriptive language to appeal to our emotions?
  •  Is there anything misleading about this statement?
  •  Are the facts reliable?
  •  Are the opinions based on facts?
  •  If we all agree on something, does that make it a fact?
  •  How else can we verify something?

[Source] Wabisabi Learning