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Ancient China: Task Templates Rubric

Resources to support the Year 7 exploration of Ancient China

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Ancient China Mini Museum Rubric

Rubric Checklist

Knowing and Understanding

I consistently communicated relevant information. My discussion and justification of the significance of my topic were thorough.


I was able to find and write out information in my own words for each question in my booklet. My research booklet presented clear, relevant, varied and detailed information regarding my topic.


I have written a piece that consistently followed an effective structure with clear paragraphs. I have included a correctly referenced bibliography (Harvard style). My bibliography is annotated with all sources and I have referenced any pictures. I have provided/created a prop or props that demonstrate my understanding of my topic well.

Critical Thinking

I consistently communicated relevant information throughout. My discussion and justification of significance and continuity and change were thorough. I fully supported my arguments using evidence.