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Ancient China: Evaluating sources of information

Resources to support the Year 7 exploration of Ancient China

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography may include an evaluation of the source of information. There are various ways to evaluate online information such as lateral reading or OPVL (origin, purpose, value and limitation). Explore the materials on this page to discover the best way to evaluate your sources for reliability and authenticity.



Whittle, K. (2016). An interview with Tonio Andrade, author of Gunpowder Age. [online] Princeton University Press Blog. Available at: [Accessed 23 May 2018].


This website (from a well-respected and well-known university) provided useful information on the topic of gunpowder. It was well laid out and easy to navigate. The site was updated in 2018. The interview was with a professor of history at another well-respected university. I looked him up in Wikipedia and found he had written many research papers. The information was reliable as I cross-checked it with Encyclopedia Britannica and it was the subject of a book the professor had also written.

Evaluating websites


Lateral reading for evaluating video

Real News vs Fake News

Identifhying Misinformation