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Year 9 & 10 IDU: There's No Place Like Home: Criterion A & C Resources

Criterion A - Evaluation (start here) What is the issue here?

Before you begin, you need to have a clear idea about the rationale (purpose) of your project. This will demonstrate your growing understanding in this unit of homelessness and the importance of home. It will also demonstrate your growing understanding of how to communicate effectively using visual elements.

Understanding the issue

  1. Using the MYP Statement of inquiry at the top of this document as a starting point, write 1-2 paragraphs that explain what you believe about the basic requirements of a home for every human being. What practical physical things do people need? What social and emotional things do people need?

Consider the following:

  • catering for the whole person – physical, emotional, spiritual, social, mental
  • include some references to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (see lib guide)
  • think over our class discussions, use your own notes, and look over the lib guide and lesson resources in Simon for ideas

Communication the issue

MYP Conceptual Question

How do we communicate a message that engages people and prompts them to action?

  1. Using this conceptual inquiry question, write a paragraph about what you have learned about the principles of effective visual communication.

Consider the following:

  • the Behance PowerPoint on design principles (in Simon)
  • the feedback you received from your poster formative task