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Mater Christi Learning Commons: Access and Acquire

Resources, research support and skill development

Where to find information

Finding the right information from the most appropriate digital and non-digital source can be difficult.

Look at the driving question and gather clues to direct you. Explore all the aspects relevant to the main question.

Podcasts are audio files available to download when you're ready to listen. Subscribe to a podcast and the latest episode will automatically download to your preferred listening app. Search for 'podcast' and your preferred subject or topic.

Personal interviews

These are called primary sources. Seek out those who are experts in the field or those who have knowledge in the area you are researching. It could be family members or people within sporting organizations, local community members, local members of parliament, coaches, dance instructors.


Go to the ClickView link on your bookmarks and search for digital video content and login using your student ID number and network logon password.

Watch from home or school.

Choose the right search engine

Is there a different search engine you could use rather than always using the same one?

Try using a search engine that suits your purpose.

General Search Engine using a few keywords

Google: a high rate of success

Bing: often provides results that Google does not necessarily pick up

Search for curated content

Pinterest: curated content by users, mainly images but covers a large range of topics

Twitter: users not only 'tweet' messages but add multimedia, images, videos and links

Search for computational answers

Wolfram Alpha: computational intelligence. This search engine provides answers across a wide range of topics such as mathematics, science and technology, society and culture and everyday life.

Meta Search Engines

Duck Duck Go: Search across many search engines at once. This search engine will not track what you're looking for, keeping your searches private.