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Academic Honesty

Academic Honesty

Mater Christi College is committed to the principles of academic honesty.  It is expected that all College community members respect and abide by these principles.

Academic Dishonesty:


  • the representation of the ideas or work (intellectual property) of another person as the student’s own


  • allowing one’s work to be copied or submitted for assessment by another


  • students may collaborate on a task but if the final assessment is to be marked independently the work must be written by each individual student and not as a group
  • All parts of the work must be written in each student’s own words and cannot be the same as another student’s


  • submission or presentation of the same work for different purposes


  • which results in a student gaining an unfair advantage or that affects the results of another student (for example, taking unauthorized materials into an examination or misconduct during an examination)

   Acknowledgement of Sources

   Mater Christi College uses the Harvard author-date style of referencing. Examples of this are available to the community on this page.

   Students are required to acknowledge the source of all data, photographs, diagrams, illustrations, maps and so on used in their work.

   Students are encouraged to use online citation generators to ensure correct formatting of bibliographies:

The library staff are able to provide students with assistance in referencing and guidelines for academic honesty.

The student is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all work submitted is authentic, with the work or ideas of others fully and correctly acknowledged. Students are expected to review their work before submission to ensure plagiarism has not been committed.

Restorative Justice

Mater Christi College is committed to the principles of restorative justice. Students are counselled by their subject teacher about the reasons for their academic dishonesty. Students will be asked to resubmit their work for assessment.

Students in senior school (years 10-12) will receive a Progress Notification.

Students in the middle school (years 7-9) will be referred to the Learning Leader.


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