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Mater Christi Learning Commons: Sphero Programming

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What is a Sphero?

A Sphero is a robotic ball gaming device that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing of your smartphone or tablet. Students can also code a sphero with behaviours and routines.


What can you do with your Sphero?

You can code your Spero using the following variables:

  • Speed
    You can control how fast the sphero travels.
  • Duration
    You can control for how many seconds you might travel
  • Delay
    Allows you to pause the Sphero so that the movements or reactions you have programmed are more meaningful.
  • Degrees
    We can control the direction the Sphero by using degrees to identify how much they turn. Eg. right 90 degrees
  • Colour
    ​You can program your sphero to change colours over an identified amountof time. Eg. Fade from green to orange over 60 seconds.

Programming your Sphero

Program your Sphero by using common programming structures:

  • Loop
    Control how many times the Sphero will repeat instructions. Eg. When drawing a square, we might loop through instructions four times.
  • If _  Then
    We can ask the sphero to change colours IF it crashes into something.