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Psychology Unit 1, Outcome 3: Research Investigation: Resources

Resources to Support VCE Psychology Unit 1, Outcome 3: Research Investigation into the impact of brain injury on brain function

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What is the impact of injury on brain function?

How to read research articles

Background: Biopsychology, Brain structure and Brain Plasticity

Outcome 3

Outcome 3

On completion of this unit the student should be able to investigate and communicate a substantiated response to a question related to brain function and/or development, including reference to at least two contemporary psychological studies and/or research techniques.

To achieve this outcome the student will draw on key knowledge outlined in Area of Study 3 and relevant key science skills on pages 11 and 12 of the study design.

Key knowledge

  • the characteristics of effective science communication: accuracy of psychological information; clarity of explanation of psychological concepts, ideas and models; contextual clarity in terms of importance and implications of findings; conciseness and coherence; and appropriateness for purpose and audience
  • the psychological concepts specific to the investigation: definitions of key terms; use of appropriate psychological terminology, conventions and representations
  • the use of data representations, models and theories in organising and explaining observed phenomena and psychological concepts, and their limitations
  • the nature of evidence and information: distinction between opinion, anecdote and evidence, weak and strong evidence, and scientific and non-scientific ideas; validity and reliability of data including sources of possible errors or bias
  • the influence of social, economic, cultural and ethical factors relevant to the selected psychological investigation.

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