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Religion and the Environment: Overview

Resources to support Year 10 study


Resource Key

When accessing content use the numbers below to guide you:


Brief, basic information laid out in an easy-to-read format. May use informal language. (Includes most news articles)


Provides additional background information and further reading. Introduces some subject-specific language.


Lengthy, detailed information. Frequently uses technical/subject-specific language. (Includes most analytical articles)

Keyboard Shortcuts

Find on page

The most important keyboard shortcut for research, ever. Press Command + F when you're looking at any document or webpage, type in the word you're trying to find, and presto, all instances of the word are highlighted.


Zoom in or Out

Sometimes online PDFs are a strain on the eyes. Bump up the size a few notches with this simple command.


Select the Address Bar

Doing rapid Google searches in a number of tabs can be tiring. Instead of mousing up to the address bar every time, just hit the Command + L and it's already selected.



Sometimes you may need to capture the state of your screen or an image from a document. Command + Shift + 3 will capture your entire screen. Command + Shift + 4 lets you draw a box around a specific area of your screen you wish to capture. The image will be saved to your desktop.


Further Research Tips: Use the Learning Commons LibGuide

Google should never be your only source of information. Use the Learning Commons guides for links to databases, which provide content that cannot be found elsewhere. Use the LibGuides built especially to support topics and assignments.