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Personal Project: Develop criteria for the product/outcome

Guidance for completing the MYP Personal Project
1 - 2 3 - 4 5 - 6 7 - 8

Develop limited criteria for the product/outcome

Criteria that:

  • are basic and/or have some connection to the product/outcome

Develop adequate criteria for the product/outcome

Criteria that:

  • start to consider the qualitative elements of the product/outcome
  • outline how their success might be observed.

Develop substantial and appropriate criteria for the product/outcome

Criteria that are:

  • realistic and relevant to the product/outcome
  • informed by research
  • qualitative and/or quantitative, as appropriate.

Develop rigorous criteria for the product/outcome

Criteria that:

  • clearly define the specific characteristics of a high-quality product/outcome
  • are explicitly informed by highly relevant research
  • are justified, specific and multidimensional.


Product criteria templates: develop your own criteria and complete a rubric for your product


Goal To produce and publicly screen, a documentary film charting my family’s history of migration from Italy and their resettlement in Melbourne.
Global Context Orientation in space and time: migration of humankind
Descriptors Criteria Evaluation


What will it look like?

What materials will I use?

What equipment will I use?

What size will it be?

How will it be created?
  • the film will be 10-15 minutes in length
  • recorded using a digital video camera
  • edited using iMovie
  • contain interviews with up to four family members
  • contain collage of original photos, colour and B&W
  • interviews in Italian will be subtitled in English

Measure timing of film

Count number of interviews included

Inventory of photos


What is its purpose?

What will it do?

How easily can it be used?

How will you gain feedback about the film?

  • the purpose of the film is to create a permanent record of my family’s history of migration and re-settlement
  • to inform others in the local community about the experience of migration and re-settlement
  • to inform the local community of the global situation concerning refugees and groups wishing to migrate
  • after the screening a Q&A session will take place with the audience and family members featured in the film
  • the film maker will take questions
  • short surveys will be distributed amongst the audience for feedback

Questionnaire/survey of audience members related to global issue of migration


Local audience to provide feedback of the film’s content


Who is it for?

Age, gender, background

How will it be distributed?

How will the film be promoted?

  • the film will be created for the local Italian community, including adults and children over the age of ten.
  • all family members
  • it will be screened at a local community centre
  • advertisement notices will be placed at the community centre
  • family members will receive a personal invitation

Photographic evidence of audience and screening evening at the community centre including family members present.

Copy of invitation


How much will it cost to produce and distribute?

  • equipment will be borrowed from the school media department for no cost
  • the film will be copied for each family member (20) onto a writable DVD costing $6.00 each
  • hire of screening room in community centre is free
  • invitations will be hand crafted using available software
Receipts to show costs of DVDs and materials used to create invitations.