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Personal Project: Demonstrate self-management skills

Guidance for completing the MYP Personal Project
1 - 2 3 - 4 5 - 6 7 - 8
Demonstrate limited self-management skills Demonstrate adequate self-management skills Demonstrate substantial self-management skills Demonstrate excellent self-management skills

A brief account of:

  • basic or inconsistent time and/or task management
  • affective skills practised through the project.

A description of:

  • appropriate time and task management which show some independence
  • affective skills practised through the project
  • use of another self-management skill.

An explanation of:

  • effective and often independent time and task management
  • affective skills practised through the project
  • effective use of other self-management skills.

A justification of:

  • strengths and limitations for effective and independent time and task management
  • affective skills practised through the project
  • highly effective use of other self-management skills.


Self-management skills


Organization skills

Affective skills


  • Establish a clear timeline with short- and long-term deadlines

  • Meets deadlines consistently

  • Create a plan to complete the Personal Project

  • Set goals that are challenging and realistic

  • Plan strategies and take action to achieve personal and goals

  • Use appropriate strategies for organising complex information

  • Select and use technology effectively and productively


  • Practise focus and concentration

  • Practise strategies to overcome distractions



  • Demonstrate persistence and perseverance


Emotional Management

  • Practise strategies to reduce stress and anxiety


  • Practise analysing and attributing causes for failure

  • Practise managing self-talk

  • Practise positive thinking


  • Practise “bouncing back” after adversity, mistakes and failures

  • Practise dealing with disappointment and unmet expectations

  • Develop new skills, techniques and strategies for effective learning

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of personal strategies (self-assessment)

  • Demonstrate flexibility in the selection and use of learning strategies

  • Try new ATL skills and evaluate their effectiveness

  • Consider ethical, cultural and environmental implications

  • Keep a Process Journal to record reflections


Consider content

  • what did I learn about today?

  • what don’t I yet understand?

  • what questions do I have now?


Consider ATL skills development

  • what can I do already?

  • what will I work on next?


Consider personal learning strategies

  • what can I do to become a more efficient and effective learner?

  • what factors are important for helping me learn well?


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